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  1. Saturday a Sunday 21:00 a 00:00 hs.  from: 07/01/2018
  2. Sunday 01:00 a 04:00 hs.  from: 07/01/2018
  3. Saturday 00:00 a 04:00 hs.  from: 07/01/2018

Forget the hassle of going to a club (we’re tired just thinking about going out, lining up, expensive cover charges etc..), we bring the party to YOU! Jakeman and DJ Biggie every Monday to Thursday from 12am to 2am. On Friday, we'll throw in an extra a few extra hours and play you the best Club hitz from 12am till 4am Saturday!
Come the weekend, they'll get you grooving to the hottest hits and awesome dance tunes to kickstart your weekend, so make sure you're tuned in from 9pm onwards till 4am!
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